Sunday, February 11, 2007

Non-Food, yet Important Post

Hi all, I have been meaning to blog about this for some weeks since I saw this video on YouTube.

Please do watch the video as well as the responses that have been posted. It was very eye-opening and a little scary even to me ( I dont have kids). I guess it really points to the importance of being involved in schools and not taking anything for granted. In this age of super-specialization we have a (natural enough) tendency to defer to the opinion of "experts". However this should not be at the expense of using our own common sense and experience.

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Asha said...

My kids get 'A's so far in Math and others subjects and they do learn Everyday Math book.I have always taught them the 'Indian way' math when they were in elementary to make it easy but school method is little enjoyed watching utube Math,thank for that.Turq method scared me half to death and am glad kids don't have to do that kind much!