Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lesson Learnt! The Hard Way!

Ok, dont get me wrong. Its not like I am stupid or I think you are........but I could not understand why most of you have comment moderation etc enabled on your blogs. Then I started recieving some things like "Hey, liked your blog. Buy a house from me...". Theek hai......can tolerate that.

Then today, I was checking the keyword analysis for my blog in StatCounter......and apparently a pretty dirty phrase - when searched- was coming up with my blog!!! OMG OMG OMG. I nearly fainted! There were dirty comments posted on my blog but on really really old I never saw them.

So anyway, I appreciate your use of the tools more now - I guess you could think of this as a "coming-of-age" ceremony in the blogging world. Sigh........ :)


Asha said...

I have recieved many ads and promotions as a "comment" in my blog and I always reject them and I am glad to have that moderation just for that reason!
Yes,some blogs have been spammed to open Pornography when we try to open our friends blogs!!Two blogs have been erased by me so my kids don't accidentally open them.You can never be careful these days.There are lot of sickos out there.
Welcome to moderation world!:)

sra said...

Hi G! Like you realised, moderation also helps us keep track of comments made on old posts, I find that useful. And it's disappointing and boring, not just irritating, to get those useless comments - imagine, all you get is little feedback and even that has to be weeded out!