Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Almost-there Beans Tempura

So you buy a bag of fresh green beans thinking that you will make something delicious out of them soon. Then the bag gets pushed further and further back into the fridge plus you have a deadline+ an exam to make. What do you get? An almost-gone to heaven bag of beans! What a tragedy!
So you turn it around! Like a true heroine, you take on the challenge and come up with.......this!
Note: I thought of this BEFORE a major chain started advertising a similar 'new' item on TV.

1 bag almost there beans
2 tblsp Gram flour
1 tsp Corriander powder
1/2 tsp Red chili pwd
1/4 tsp Garam masala
Salt to taste
Oil to fry

Ok---oil to fry doesnt sound too good, does it? But there was a solid reason behind the frying decision--since the beans were almost gone, I needed to make sure that they cooked really well so that I killed all bacteria and other evil stuff that might have escaped my cutting and scrapping.

How to do?
1. Put all ingredients (except beans and oil) in a bowl and mix. Add some water and make a batter of thick-ish consistency. The kind that will drip off a spoon...but not too fast.
2. Dip the beans into the batter and then deep fry till light brown.

So basically these are bean 'pakora's. Unsual but really good! The beans were nice and crisp despite the frying and I am seriously thinking of adding beans to my library of things to fry.


Nandita said...

Bean tempura sounds fab! Besides which fried thing doesnt taste good/???

I saw this Kylie Kwong's cookshow on Travel n Living channel which is discovery's travel channel in India. She makes tempura batter using cornflour / AP flour and mixes it with ice, instead of water,and leaves some of the lumps intact. The lumps get delicious and crispy when fried...I'm quite tempted to try out that method too..

Alanna said...

Nice save, Gunjan!

g said...

Hey nandita! Will surely try the ice-lump method the next time i have almost-there beans!

Latha said...

Hey Gunjan,

Thanks for u're wonderful comment on my blog! I am glad u tried and liked the Egg Chaaru recipe! Its my favourite preparation with eggs too. Thanks my grandad!


Foodie's Hope said...

Hi, first time here!! I like your recipes but some photos will give us really a good look!!:)) Good job!!

Lisa said...

These sound wonderful, G! I want to try them. Too funny, about the "national chain" -- I did notice an ad on TV for "green bean fries" the other day (but I believe you when you say you thought of it first!). Initially when I saw the ad I thought it was fried zucchini, which I love.