Saturday, July 29, 2006

New beginings.......and Happy Birthday!

Hi All!

After many many months of thinking about it and trying to get up my courage, I am starting a blog....that too on my birthday! But of course, being the baby that I am, I am doing it with my mom. I am Gunjan and my mom's name is Vinita, hence Vyanjanaa.

We are two very very different people, living on two different continents. One a scientist, another an economist. One a total spice freak, another more balanced. One in Delhi, another in the US. One with 4 servants, another with none! But we both love food, love the theories and the science behind food, love the almost house-to-house variations that exist, particularly in Indian cooking. We hope to share a little bit of our love of totally 'desi', down-to-earth, vegetarian 'ghar ka khanaa'. Much as we love 'makhani' paneer and 'malai' kofta curry, we dont (and cannot) eat it everyday. And there is SOOOOOO much more to north indian food than these. In fact there is so much more to Indian food now with previously "exotic" dishes now a part of everyday menus. Be it pizza, pasta or burger, once your neighbourhood "thele-walla" starts selling know its here to stay!

So welcome to our blog! This is a chronicle of experiments in trying to create totally new tastes as well as to recreate the illusive ones that always remain on your tongue and remind you of home.


Sumitha said...

Gunjan, a very warm welcome to the blogosphere.I wish you all the best!A blog with North Indian recipes are very few,I am sure all we foodies will look forward to learn from you.And with a mom and daughter combo blog, Wow!

Welcome again:)

Sumitha said...

Oh and Belated Bday Wishes too:)

archana said...

Welcome aborad, both of you !!! Have fun blogging. Looking forward to read more from you. Belated happy birthday to you Gunjan

Mythili said...

Gunjan and Vinita,

Congrats on your new blog and good luck with your efforts. Nice to see you cooking and writing with your mom - Gunjan.
Also belated Bday wishes.


g said...

Hi Sumitha, Archana and Mythili! Thanks for the warm welcome! Gunjan

Alanna said...

What a nice thing to share with your mother ... and your daughter!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gunjan, I met a 'Gunjan' in Paris on a flight either to/from India a few years ago. Do you ever fly Air France ? She was also a student and studying economics - not really sure where .. UMC ? Dont remember - its been a couple of years now. Any irrespective of which Gunjan you are - thanks for the Gate ki Subzi recipe - looks delicious.- a Rajasthani friend gave me the recipe long back in India - which I misplaced.Very nice- sharing the blog with your mom. Aruna