Sunday, December 17, 2006

Guess where am I?!

A lazy winter afternoon, a bed in the sun, tons of sunday newspapers to read and tons of food............HOME! During day time hours, the garden with its bed and moodha's (cane and jute chairs, as seen in pic) is going to be my haunt. It is not that cold here - nothing compared to MO. But it is still immensely pleasureful to sit out in the sun and get totally baked. Once the sun sets and its gets colder......well somehow you seem to have a heat source inside of you after absorbing all that sun!

A lawn, a bed, sun and Sunday papers -- heaven ?

Today someone we know sent over 'typical Delhi breakfast' for us. It consisted of 'bedain' (a puri-like bread that is stuffed with chilli flakes, anise and other spices), tomato-pea stew, chana masala, methi (mustard) chutney and pickled carrots. Then comes the dessert -- hot jalebis dipped in milk and halwa!!!

Sunday Breakfast!
clockwise: jalebi, halwa, bedian (puri), chana masala, fenugreek chutney, pickled carrots, potat-pea curry.

The thing on the left side...I dont what it is! It was like baby puri's meant to be eaten with halwa. But I think it is different from puri.........will find out soon.

A 'bedain' : puri-like structure full of coursely crushed spices

The King: A Jalebi dipped in milk

The location: Haunt for next 4 weeks!

Note the bed in the background of the picture above. It is sorely needed! Because the breakfast above was preceded by a "light" (my mom's words) snack of peas & poha and succeeded (within 3 hours) by a lunch with 5 items!!!!! I have been back about 48 hours yet I swear I have eaten more than I usually do in a week!!! Given my sonambulistic state right now, I wont share any recipes today. I will just say that there are simply wonderful things happening here because winter is the best season for veggies in north india. Plus we have many many traditional winter foods (like bajre ki khichdi) and we have many many people whose sole aim is to feed me!!! So this is going to a culinarily interesting few weeks!